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Previous Fintz Award Recipients
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Kristie Dotson (Philosophy)
IAH 241B: Philosophical and Literary Investigations into Race
Deric McNish (Theatre)
IAH 209: Art, the Visual, and Culture: Disability In Performance
Ronen Steinberg (History)
- IAH 202: Understanding Europe in an Age of Globalization
Terrion Williams (English)
- IAH 211C: African American Cultural Practice and Black Social Life

Alison Dobbins (Theatre)
- IAH 209: Performing Arts & Healthcare / Drama and the Human Condition
Sarah Long (Music)
- IAH 241A: Music and Society in the Modern World

Edward Murphy (History)
- IAH 203: Latin America and the World
Christian Lotz (Philosophy)
- IAH 231B: Capitalism and Globalization

Ken Prouty (Music)
- IAH 208: Popular Music and Global Culture
Mohammad Khalil (Religious Studies)
- IAH 211D: The Islamic Middle East

Rocio Quispe-Agnoli (Romance and Classical Studies)
- IAH 203: Native Latin America in it's Own Words
Michael Largey (Music)
- IAH 241A: World Music

Nwando Achebe (History)
- IAH 205: Africa and the World
Jeff Charnley (Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures)
- IAH 231B: Moral Issues and the Arts and Humanities

Charles Keith (History)
- IAH 204: Asia and the World
Peter Alegi (History)
- IAH 211A: Area Studies, Africa

Ed Murphy (History)
- IAH 203: Latin America and the World
Pero Dagbovie (History)
- IAH 211C: Area Studies, The Americas

Aminda Smith (History)
- IAH 204: Asia and the World
Jon Frey (Art and Art History)
- IAH 221A: Text and Visual Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean

Kathy B. Dubois (History)
- IAH 221B: Medieval and Early Modern Worlds
Javier Pescador (History)
- IAH 211C: Borderlands: Chicana/o History and Memory

Marc Bernstein (Linguistics and Languages)
- IAH 211D: The Middle East: Israeli Culture and Society
Joseph Francese (French, Classics and Italian)
- IAH 221C: Oppression in the Contemporary World
Ethan Segal (History)
- IAH 204: Asia and the World

Nancy Bunge (WRAC)
- IAH 241B: Philosophy in Literature
Christopher Frilingos (Religious Studies)
- IAH 221B: The Medieval and Early Modern Worlds: Pagans, Christian and Jews

Laurent Dubois (History)
- IAH 202: Europe and the World
Georg Schuttler (Theater)
- IAH 241D: Theatre and Society in the West

Salah Hassan (English)
- IAH 211D: The Middle East: The Arab World
Frederick Rauscher (Philosophy)
- IAH 231A: Freedom in the Modern World