Ellen Moll, Assistant Director of IAH, mollelle@msu.edu

  • Students who need to talk about an issue related to their IAH class may contact Dr. Moll. 
    • Do NOT email about overrides; see here to submit an override request. Override questions will NOT be answered if the student has not gone through the override request form.
  • Faculty with questions about IAH and all faculty new to IAH are encouraged to contact Dr. Moll; faculty wishing to consult on pedagogy might contact either Dr. Moll or Dr. Imbracsio (contact information below).

Cara Cilano, Director of IAH and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, College of Arts and Letters

Nicola Imbracsio, Assistant Director of Assessment for the College of Arts and Letters and Assessment Coordinator for IAH, imbracsi@msu.edu 

  • Faculty are welcome to contact Dr. Imbracsio for consultations on pedagogy (innovative assignments, facilitating group projects, assessing student learning, inclusive classrooms, creating games and role-playing activities for learning, active learning strategies).

Laura Borchgrevink, Administrative Business Professional

Debbie Richards, Business Manager and Finance Officer

Piril Atabay, Faculty

Garth Sabo, Faculty

Eileen Roraback, Faculty and Curriculum Development & Teaching Specialist

Paul Schauert, Faculty

Stokes Schwartz, Faculty

Stuart Willis, Faculty