Any student requesting an override into an IAH course must complete the IAH Override Request Form. (You must be logged in with your MSU NetID account to access the form.)

IAH will consider overrides on a case by case basis if:

  • After verification, a student will complete his or her degree in the concurrent semester and this course is the only option to complete graduation requirements; or for a student who needs to repeat a specific IAH course in order to graduate on time. 
  • A student is unable to enroll into an IAH course due to the enrollment system not recognizing transfer credit or substitutions for WRA or IAH as fulfillment of a prerequisite.  Requests for prerequisite overrides must be for an open section.

Note that work schedules, etc., cannot be considered in overrides.

IAH will not issue enrollment overrides before the beginning of the semester unless there is an extenuating circumstance for the request. Until shortly before the semester starts, setting an alert to tell you when there is an open spot is the proper way to go about getting into the IAH course you want.

Overrides for Online IAH courses

IAH does not grant overrides for online IAH courses except for exceptional circumstances. Each semester, IAH receives far too many requests to be able to accommodate every student. Most students have good reasons for needing to enroll in an online IAH course; however, it is not fair to anyone – the students or the IAH faculty and staff – for IAH to decide which student’s need for an override is more legitimate than another’s. Accordingly, enrollment in online IAH courses is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • The only exception to this policy would be for graduating seniors with extenuating circumstances such that an online IAH course is the only viable option for that student to graduate on time; such exceptions must be confirmed by the student’s academic adviser.