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When an IAH course section is full, IAH will allow students to override into the section only with the written permission of the faculty teaching the course (not the section TA) before the end of the open-add period. Please use the IAH Override Request Form for this purpose. (You must be logged in with your MSU NetID account to access the form.) Once the course faculty has approved the override, you will be enrolled in the course and notified via your MSU email address.

  • We will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis for students who can provide verification from their adviser that they can be approved to graduate in the current semester and that this particular course is the only option to complete graduation requirements, or for a student who needs to repeat a specific course in order to graduate on time.

  • Transfer students—The enrollment system may not automatically recognize transfer credit fulfilling the Tier 1 writing prerequisite for IAH courses (even if the Director of Tier 1 writing has approved a Degree Navigator substitution to fulfill the Tier 1 writing requirement with alternative course credit). Please use the IAH Override Request Form to request a prerequisite override in order to enroll in an IAH course section with open enrollment (i.e., not an override into a full section). 


We will NOT add students to courses after open-add period at the start of fall and spring semesters, with the following exceptions:

  1. The student’s academic adviser must confirm the need for the late-add enrollment; and

  2. Students must have the course faculty’s written authorization to be late-added into the course.

We will try to accommodate students in the following categories:

  • International students with less than full-time status who are facing deportation

  • ROTC, National Guard, or other students with military orders

  • Athletes who need a schedule change to attend practice

  • Students graduating that semester or students close to graduation who need repeat credit.

In all cases, the deadline for late-adds is the end of the second full week of class during fall and spring semesters.  Due to the compressed time frame for summer IAH courses, we will not grant late-adds for summer courses.

Overrides and Late-Adds for Online IAH courses

IAH does not grant overrides for online IAH courses. Each semester, IAH receives far too many requests to be able to accommodate every student. Most students have good reasons for needing to enroll in an online IAH course; however, it is not fair to anyone - the students or the IAH faculty and staff - for IAH to decide which student's need for an override is more legitimate than another's. Accordingly, enrollment in online IAH courses is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • The only exception to this policy would be for graduating seniors with extenuating circumstances such that an online IAH course is the only viable option for that student to graduate on time; such exceptions must be confirmed by the student’s academic adviser.

In addition, IAH will not authorize late-adds to online courses once the open-add period ends at the beginning of each semester.

Dis-enrollments and Inadvertent Drops

  • After holds are cleared, we will place students back into the course and section of their original enrollment.  Students may call or come to the IAH office.

  • Students who mistakenly drop an IAH class after open enrollment ends must call or come to the IAH office to be re-enrolled in the same section they mistakenly dropped.  We will not switch sections in multi-section courses.