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Integrative Studies at MSU seeks to assist students to become more familiar with ways of knowing in the arts and humanities and to be more knowledgeable and capable in a range of intellectual and expressive abilities. IAH courses encourage students to engage critically with their own society, history, and culture(s); they also encourage students to learn more about the history and culture of other societies. They focus on key ideas and issues in human experience; encourage appreciation of the roles of knowledge and values in shaping and understanding human behavior; emphasize the responsibilities and opportunities of democratic citizenship; highlight the value of the creative arts of literature, theater, music, and arts; and alert us to important issues that occur among peoples in an increasingly interconnected, interdependent world.

University Requirement

Students must take one 4-credit IAH first-level course and one 4-credit IAH second-level course to fulfill the graduation requirements for Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities.

First-Level Courses

  • The first-level IAH courses are those numbered 201 through 210.
  • Completion of the Tier I writing requirement is a prerequisite for enrollment in an IAH 201-210 course.

Second-Level Courses

  • The second-level IAH courses are those numbered 211 through 241.
  • Completion of the Tier 1 writing requirement and an IAH course numbered 201-210 are prerequisites for enrollment in an IAH 211-241 course.